STT Lipiński 
– Safely. Reliably. On time.

For over 20 years we have been providing domestic and international transport of bulk materials. Our main values are flexibility, punctuality and safety. Based on years of experience, we are able to offer optimal solutions for bulk material transport and logistics.

Every day, we serve customers in the chemical, petrochemical and feed industries with full commitment.

The history of STT Lipiński began in 1998. From the very beginning of the company’s existence, our domain was road transport of bulk materials in silos. We currently transport over 100,000 tonnes of products every year. Experienced employees, modern fleet and flexibility ensure the highest level of service. We execute our potential mainly through our care for the quality of provided services and safety.

Our customers include leading manufacturers of plastic granulates, chemicals, feed and minerals. Cooperation on the specialized market is based mainly on the high quality of services provided, mutual trust and care for the natural environment. We approach each customer individually, taking into account the needs, specificity of a given industry and the nature of the transported goods.





STT Lipiński constantly invests in modern equipment for the transport of bulk materials. Currently our fleet consists of several dozen transport sets. Our main strategic goal is to care for the natural environment. Therefore, 100% of the vehicles we use meet the strictest EURO VI environmental standards. The average age of our semi-trailer trucks is 2.5 years.

The equipment we use is properly equipped and serviced using our own technical facilities. This guarantees our customers the safety of the entrusted cargo as well as reduces the risk of failure and ensures timely deliveries.

In order to provide our services, we use 60-m3 silo semi-trailers produced by leading European manufacturers – Spitzer and Feldbinder. The equipment we use meets the strictest standards of our customers.

Our vehicles are equipped with:

Oil-free, high-performance compressors for fast unloading

Compressor coolers ensure low unloading temperature

Telematics systems enable real-time tracking the location of vehicles

Microfilters ensure sterility of the air used for unloading

Fluidization pads

Unloading hoses with white interior, suitable for unloading granulates, powders and feed

Unloading connectors adapted to the standards in force in all countries of the European Union

Quality and safety 

STT Lipiński constantly improves the quality of the services offered. This is evidenced by the implementation of an integrated quality management system based on ISO9001. Our company operates in accordance with applicable laws, ethics and corporate social responsibility policy.


Implemented quality systems

  • GMP+ B4 to ensure feed safety

The GMP+ certificate is awarded to companies which demonstrate the fulfilment of all the requirements and conditions necessary to ensure feed safety. In 2016, STT Lipiński implemented the requirements of the GMP+ B4 system.

  • ISO9001:2015

Since 2019, STT Lipiński has been ISO9001:2015 certified

  • SQAS

In 2019, we underwent the SQAS assessment. The assessment system is intended for entities that constitute links in the chemical supply chain. It consists of quality, safety, environmental care and corporate social responsibility assessment.

  • Operation Clean Sweep

STT Lipinski was one of the first companies in Poland to take part in the Operation Clean Sweep programme. The main initiative of the OCS programme is to prevent plastic granulate entering into watercourses and into the natural environment.


Cargo safety

The specificity of transporting bulk materials requires above-average care for the transported goods. By cleaning silos at the certified wash facilities, using oil-free compressors and unloading hoses of the highest quality, we are able to ensure sterility during transport and unloading. We have carrier’s civil liability insurance in domestic and international traffic as well as professional civil liability insurance.

Staff trainings

The core of our enterprise is our staff. We are training our personnel at each level in our enterprise. We strive every day to strengthen the security culture in our organisation.

All our drivers are trained in:

  • Safe loading and unloading measures

  • Reporting accident-related events

  • Using personal protection equipment

  • Operation Clean Sweep

  • Risks related to everyday work


STT Lipiński
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